A Blue Path To Phu Quoc

It was just a short getaway for me to get chillaxing. I did not have much time to update everything through my words. However, I hope that you could be swept away from the busy pace of life and enjoy my #goodvibe through the photos.

I’m coming to you, Phu Quoc!
Can you see what I see? Cuz I see the heart over the blue and white…
Cause in a sky, in a sky full of stars, I think I saw your you….
Good morning, my 3rd trip of this year…
Think I can fly wen I’m with you My arms are wide catching fire as the wind blows
Which destination is next?
Bring me back to the nature. Breathe the wind, drink the rain, eyes meet sun, lips taste salt, chocolate skin, in the blue ocean…
Laces on sands
Are you ready to go to the beach with Steph?
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Just so in love with my new swimsuit! Roses for the sunny…
Last day with tile
Perfect graduation present for the vacation. Been craving for Frends headphone for a very long time.
Sometimes I wish we could run far away from the busy space, laughing under the rain, looking into our eyes and kissing so slow…

When I took this photo, all the best and worst things came at the same time. I was in a dilemma. Then I just closed my eyes enjoying the sounds of waves and some R&B soul songs. But now, all I wanna do is to be with him here and everywhere.

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