Shimmery Summer

It’s time to play with your bikini closet (or at least a bikini-kinda-closet to me) and put some glitter on your face to make this summer a little bit more interesting. Bikinis are never enough for me so I can’t help buying it. Every time I buy a new bikini set, I convince myself that it’s a good investment. Should we always look fresh and joyful every summer? I love to mix and match and this time I decide to do something with my lovely bikinis. Your look on the beach might stand out if you know some “tricks” and make it your own.

1st look: Patterns-on-patterns


Skirt & Bag: Zara | Hat: Mango | Rings: Starfish | Sandals: Ninewest

Pattern is not a big deal to anyone of us if we can create the harmony of the whole look, between colors and shapes. For this look, I paired a floral one-piece swimsuit with a floral mini skirt. This look is 100% way to go for a morning, enjoying a coffee or walking by the beach. Put on your fur felt fedora to make sure the sunlight won’t shine directly on your face.

AT1T0883SS3SS4To give it a more boho vibe, I threw my vintage boho 10-piece ring set with a pair of fringe sandals and fringe clutch . This will transform my look to a gypsy-inspired ensemble. SS5.png

2nd look: Sporty and comfy

SS6.pngA high-waisted short is a must-have item in our summer closet. And matching it with a bikini top or a cute one piece bathing suit is a “real deal”. Only 2 minutes to prepare and you’re ready to hit the road. Don’t forget to throw on your beaded earrings as a highlight for your outfit.AT1T1030AT1T1055

Suit: Bold | Sunnies: Topman | Shorts: Mamavirus


The White Chuck Taylor All Star high top is one of the most iconic sneakers and it only gets better in times. Make sure you own ones because they match perfectly with every comfy look. 😉

3rd look: Stay chic for your date


Suit, Necklace & Bracelet: Qikiny | Sunnies: Jenior | Skirt: Limzim

I’ve always been dreaming of a romantic beach date. When I first saw Limzim’s black American organza skirt, I knew I have to buy it. A very multi-purpose item that can be worn to work, to go out for a walk or even to join a gala. But this time, I’ll choose it for my date. And because of its simple shape and color, I mixed it with fringe bikini top and pom pom sandals so as to catch the eye.


I love pom-pom and I love lace up sandals. And I still can’t believe that I now own a pair of pom-pom lace up sandals and it’s cute as hell I just even can’t handle it. The design is so extraordinarily beautiful and stands out of everything in a very lovely swimwear store in Hoi An. There was a whisper in my head telling me that I must own it. And i luckily got it for free as a gift from my mama.AT1T1284AT1T1279SS7.png

As I choose this look for a date, I decided to put purple shadow on eyes which resembles the color of a beautiful sunset over the ocean. Moreover, the purple shadow adds depth and creates mysterious look to your eyes.

4th look: Candy Lolly


Suit: Boohoo | Skirt: Mango | Bracelets: Bershka

For the final look, I tried to do something different from my usual style, something “pop”, bright and colorful. This outfit is in tones of pink and metallic. Denim shirt/jacket is a total closet must-have and it helps to complete my candy look.


It was fun experimenting with them glitter on my eyelid, definitely making my eyes bigger and sparkling.


Photos by Wiin

Makeup by Trang Emj


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